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McKenzie Report: Michael Leighton put on Waivers

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The Carolina Hurricanes placed Michael Leighton on waivers today. (photo by LTD)

In a move that did not surprise many here at Canes Country, according to Bob McKenzie of TSN, the Carolina Hurricanes placed Michael Leighton on waivers today.  Apparently, the team didn't mind spending the extra money to keep the goalie with the better stats.  Manny Legace leads the team with three wins and has been a real battler so far this season.  When asked in a previous article, 76% of you voted to keep Legace in the fold.

Leighton's future is still up in the air as he could be picked up by another team, reassigned to Albany, loaned out to another franchise in need of goaltending, or kept.

Legace is slated to start the game in Pittsburgh tonight as well. 

We will have the game day preview posted shortly.