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New Canes Country Points - Panthers at Hurricanes

It's time for another round of Canes Country Points!  Instead of giving away tickets this time we have something completely different up for grabs.  Our friends at are contributing a "Hurricanes Stanley Cup Autograph Package" for the next winner.  The package includes:

  1. Ray Whitney autographed 2006 Stanley Cup Champions puck
  2. Cory Stillman autographed 2006 Stanley Cup Champions puck
  3. Mike Commodore autographed 2006 Stanley Cup Champions puck
  4. Chad LaRose autographed 2006 Stanley Cup Champions puck

Since we have a brand new prize package, we will be starting this contest at square one.  Everyone who participates will start off with zero points and everyone has an equal chance to win. First person to accumulate 150 points will win the package.

(We have more free tickets available for next month so fear not, people with accumulated points can use them in the next contest for tickets.  We will pick up where we left off after this contest is over.)

For more information, please check out this link.

Huge game Thursday night at the RBC.  You have a chance to earn up to 40 points if you guess the answers to the following questions correctly, (10 points for each question).

  1. Guess who scores first for the Canes.
  2. Guess who is called for the first penalty on the Canes.
  3. Guess who is credited with the most hits for the Canes.
  4. Guess the winning team and the final score.

Good luck!

We will have a game preview up tomorrow morning.