Update: Four of five injured released


The Schnectady Daily Gazette is reporting four of the five people injured in Thursday's early morning bus crash have been released from the hospital. Players Casey Borer, Jonathan Paiement and Joe Jensen, and broadcaster John Hennessy were all discharged Friday morning. That means Nicolas Blanchard is the only person who remains under care at the facility. Also, Sunday's River Rats game has been postponed, along with tonight's previously scheduled game. *From earlier* The Albany Times Union spoke with Joe Jensen, one of five people injured in the early Thursday crash that demolished the team's bus. Jensen said he suffered a Grade-3 concussion. He said "Glass was shattering everywhere and my head smashed into something hard and I blacked out for a second." He describes the other injuries as: • Nicolas Blanchard was "bleeding pretty bad" (there are some unconfirmed rumors he received 60 stitches in his abdomen). • Casey Borer "took a really bad blow." • Jonathan Paiement "suffered a bad blow to the head." • Broadcaster John Hennessy "was shaken up and bleeding from lots of cuts." He also called for the next couple games to be cancelled, so best guess is Sunday's home game vs. Wilkes-Barre may not be played.