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Everybody Needs Somebody - The Trade Deadline Approaches

As the trade deadline approaches, the fine line between teams being buyers or sellers is becoming more defined. Hockey fans should be looking for more trades coming up within the next week or so. If you are a fan of the Hurricanes, you probably already have an opinion of what the team needs and who could provide that help.

This morning on 850 The Buzz, Chuck Kaiton surmised that the Canes would be looking for a defenseman, disregarding the fact that they lost forward Justin Williams for at least a month. One would have to assume that if the team was looking for a defenseman, he would have to be a big, physical player. The Canes already have plenty of puck-movers and slick skaters on the roster.

Of course the addition of Jussi Jokinen has been huge because the player is talented enough and versatile enough to be moved from winger to center and be productive. But is he good enough to push the Canes over the hump?

We'll run a quick poll here. What do you think? Should the Hurricanes make a move and if so, what type of player should they target?