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Canes Country Points - Canes at Sharks

Earn 10 points for each correct answer, then accumulate those points and use them toward winning free tickets.  Just to spice things up a bit, I'm adding an additional question today.  You could earn 60 points for this game. 

Brind'Amour, Walker, Seidenberg, and Wallin are all out.  Ryan, Rodney, and Petruzelak are in.

Andrea's Evil Twin leads the pack with 170 points so far.  Tuomo Ruutu has been very good to her.

  1. Guess who scores first for the Canes.
  2. Guess who is called for the first penalty on the Canes.
  3. Guess who is credited with the most hits for the Canes.
  4. Guess who will have the most blocked shots for the Canes.
  5. Guess the winning team.
  6. Guess the final score.

I will have a game preview up around lunchtime.