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Canes Country Points - Canes at Coyotes

Another game and another chance to put your knowledge and luck on the line.  Right now, the ladies of Canes Country are leading the way.  Cathye has 180 points, Andrea has 170 and  Selene has 150.  Representing the guys, Canescup has 160 points, David T has 150, and several others are up there as well.  Here's another chance to earn up to 60 points and wrap up those tickets for next week.  If there is a tie, we will come up with a fancy tie-breaker on Monday.

  1. Guess who scores first for the Canes.
  2. Guess who is called for the first penalty on the Canes.
  3. Guess who is credited with the most hits for the Canes.
  4. Guess who will have the most blocked shots for the Canes.
  5. Guess the winning team.
  6. Guess the final score.