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Blog Bits

The Hurricanes are off until Thursday night when they will take on the Florida Panthers in a very important matchup at the RBC.  In the meantime, we will be catching up on things here at the blog and will be reporting on anything else interesting that comes up. 


Effective immediately, there is a new feature here at Canes Country called "Ex-Cane of the Week".  Every week we will be posting information about a Hurricane player from the past over at the "Fanpost" section.  Feel free to share any memories or information that you have of the player in the comments section, or open a new "fanpost" of your own.  (Hat-tip to Japer's Rink and Pension Plan Puppets for the idea)

Kevin Dineen was selected first because he was the first captain for the franchise in Carolina. 


I have been slow about rebuilding the blogroll and hockey links section, but I will start making more progress on that within the next couple of days.


The Hurricanes have started releasing updates on Twitter.  If you are away from your computer and reliant on your cellphone, Twitter is a great way to keep up with the latest news releases.  Cory signed Canes Country up on Twitter a couple of months ago, but we have been lax about keeping it up to date.  We promise to improve on that ASAP.

Not only will we start making updates on Twitter, we will be adding a Twitter related widget on the blog sidebar showing updates as well.  Look for more improvements like this in the near future.   To sign up to follow Canes Country updates on Twitter, follow this link.


In case you have not noticed, a fan who uses the name "IHEARTMASN" otherwise known as "Greensboro Hurricanes" has been leaving great compilations of game highlights over on the "fanshots" section.  These are not your typical "quickie" highlights, these usually run 10 minutes or longer and sometimes even include the post game interview.

Thank you for posting the links here GH, and great work!