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GM For a Day

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One of the most exciting days of the year for hockey fans is fast approaching, a day when anything and everything can happen, trade deadline day.  Wednesday could be a day which your club finally gets the help it needs to make it over the hump, (Pittsburgh's deal for Hossa), or this could be a day in which your franchise mortgages the future and eventually ends up with nothing in return,  (Atlanta's deals for Zhitnik and Tkachuk).

You might be wondering why so much happens at the last minute?  Why can't the ball start rolling faster?  Well, most general managers are going to try to get the absolute highest possible value for their players.  For instance, Brian Burke is reportedly asking for a first round pick for Nik Antropov, but when Wednesday gets here and reality sets in, (there are no buyers), he'll start hitting the phones to contact those who have offered the next highest bids.  

On the other side of it, possible buyers, like Jim Rutherford, are going to wait until the last minute to see if the prices start to drop. The Hurricanes general manager has gone on record by saying that he does not expect to be busy, but he's not ruling anything out, either.

Caniacs seem to be all over the map about what they want the Hurricanes to do.  Some think the team should be buyers, some sellers.  

What do you think?  Here is your chance to fill in for Jim Rutherford and be Canes GM for a day.  Who would you trade away and who you obtain, and why? 


By the way just in case you have not noticed yet, SB Nation has got a new "NHL Trade Deadline" site set up, especially for trade related news. The "hub" will combine all the trade information, discussion, and analysis from all the team bloggers on the network, plus will have the insight of James Mirtle to go along with it.   

This should be one of the first sites to check regarding trade news and analysis.  Congratulations to SB Nation for coming up with the concept!