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Every Picture Tells a Story - Blog Update

Today has been a very busy one and we have some exciting news to share.  The SB Nation platform has recently completed a major upgrade and there are several new features to utilize here on the blog.

First of all, the player pages have much more information on them now.  Not only do they include links to all the most recent articles relevant to each player, they have detailed history for every player.  IE:(Joe Corvo)   If you posted a fanshot, or fanpost that included information about a certain player and "tagged" the player's name, that post will be attached to the player's page as well.  You can click a button to see his historical stats, or check out his transaction history.  A fantasy team scouting report is even included. 

You can access any of the player pages from the "roster" or "stats" menu near the top of the blog. 

They have also created a brand new ""team page" which will aggregate all information network wide that is related to the Hurricanes.  Of course this also includes any fanposts or fanshots which are related.   If anyone is talking about the Canes within SB Nation, you can easily find it right here.   (I'll be putting a link to the Hurricanes team page on the left sidebar). 

Last but not least, SB Nation just entered into an agreement with the Associated Press and we will now have access to official AP photos!  Cory and I will now be able to link to slide shows after each game, or use related photos for subsequent articles.  Obviously, this is a tremendous benefit which we look forward to utilizing as much as possible.  

I mentioned earlier about the SBN partnership with Yahoo! Sports, which is still blossuming.  Canes Country articles are also now being featured by Sports Illustrated, under the Hurricanes team page. 

When we joined the family here at SBN a couple of months ago, Cory and I knew some enhancements were coming, but quite frankly all of this is just mind boggling.  And more is yet to come!  Major kudos to Jim Bankoff, James Mirtle, Tyler Bleszinski, and the entire IT team.  Great work!


Media Update:  Chuck Kaiton will be on 850 The Buzz  tomorrow, (Wednesday), morning from 8-9 to answer questions from the Caniac Nation.