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Canes Country Points - Rangers at Canes

Free tickets return!  For the next couple of games, we will be running a dual contest of sorts.  Participants who win points for the Rangers game and the Penguins game will have those points go toward two sets of prizes, the sportscards contest, and now also toward free tickets, this time for the Islanders game on April 7th. 


As promised, folk who have already accumulated points in the previous ticket contests will not lose their points.  New points earned will be added toward your previous totals.  The sportscard contest will keep going on as before.  People who earn points for the next two games will have those points accumulate and added for BOTH contests.

Here is the latest information about the ticket contest.

Here is the latest for the sportscards.

Since we are getting short of time, I'm going to add a couple of extra questions and put this contest on steroids.  Good luck!

  1. Who will score first for the Canes?
  2. Who will be called for the first penalty on the Canes?
  3. Who will be credited with the most hits for the Canes?
  4. Who will be credited with the most takeaways for the Canes?
  5. Who will be credited with the most shots on goal for the Canes?
  6. Who will be credited with the most blocked shots for the Canes?
  7. Which team will win?
  8. What will the final score be?

Possible total of 80 points up for grabs.