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Will Brodeur Theatrics Affect Future of Series?

Vegas odds are already set at 2-1 that the next time a Carolina Hurricane skates anywhere near the crease during game five in New Jersey on Thursday night, Martin Brodeur will flop like a carp on the ice and goalie interference will be called. 

After last night's stick throwing temper tantrum caught the attention of the hockey world, as well as the NHL league office, everyone is now well aware of Brodeur's dilemma, as well as his cause.  He feels like the Hurricanes are crowding him and he wants more room.  His "show" last night had very little to do with the one single play by Jussi Jokinen, and much more to do with the Hurricanes offensive philosophy.  The team said after game three that they would have to create more traffic in front of Brodeur and that's exactly what they did.  Brodeur does not like it, so this is his counter-move.

If the refs start calling more goalie interference penalties, you can give the goalie an Academy Award.

One might ask, if Brodeur was truly incensed about an infraction on the play, why did he wait until after the goal review to throw his tantrum?  Why not complain to one of the refs immediately after the play?  Instead, he waited until after the delay. (perhaps planning the whole move in the process?)

This is not the first time the goalie has met this kind of controversy.  Just last year the league had to create a new rule when Sean Avery was facing Brodeur in front of the crease in order to block his view and antagonize him.  The majority of us sided with the goalie at the time because the move by the New Yorker was so outrageous.  But maybe there was a method to Avery's madness?  Perhaps he felt that he had to face Brodeur so that the goalie would not bump him from behind and claim there was interference?  Maybe he was tired of getting slashed in the back of the legs with his back turned?

If you are a Caniac there is one good thing about the hoopla.   Brodeur might be more worried about what the refs are doing, than what the Canes are.  Perhaps Carolina has gotten into the future Hall of Famer's head?  That worked pretty well for the Rangers last year.

Either way, place your bets on that interference call for Thursday night, because you know it's coming.