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Playoff Pick'em Contest, Round Two

Time to review how we did on our first round picks, and move on to the next round.  

Cory earned a total of 8 points.  He got each winning team in the East correct, but missed out on the Flames and Sharks in the West.  He also predicted that the Canucks would sweep the Blues and the Shark/sDucks series would go six games.

I also earned 8 points.  I predicted an upset for the Flyers and also missed on the Sharks and Flames.  Luckily, I thought the Caps series would go seven games, as well as the Flames/Hawks and Pens/Flyers series both lasting six games. 

Here are the results for the rest of the participants.

  • blacklisted - 4
  • briney - 8
  • Dale Cooper - 7
  • Selene - 8
  • letsgocanes - 5
  • Todd14 - 8
  • packpigskinfan - 9
  • Andrea - 8
  • Cathye - 8
  • Mateo - 7
  • canes12 - 10
  • KenRab - 6
  • Lou - 6
  • skunk - 10
  • TrickyD26 - 8
  • Pittsburgh Caniac - 5
  • ralring - 9
  • Tachi823 - 7
  • Tabatha252 - 6

Congratulations to skunk and Canes12 for getting 10 points!  If I missed anyone or got a score wrong, please let me know.

Here are Cory's picks for Round 2:

I hate to do it, but....

Bruins vs. Hurricanes
This could go one of two ways: Carolina uses their momentum from the New Jersey series and catches the waiting Bruins off guard, taking one or two of the first three games to make a series of it; or they're too run down from a brutal seven-game marathon against the Devils. I think they make it interesting, but the B's prove to be too much. Bruins in 6.

Capitals vs. Penguins
The Pens one big weakness, in my opinion, is that M-A Fleury is not yet a polished playoff goaltender. The good news for Pittsburgh is neither is Simeon Varlamov. Alex Ovechkin will be fired up for this series, but he and Alexander Semin won't be able to match Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. It'll be tight — Gary Bettman and the league offices will be grinning ear to ear, too — but give the edge to the Penguins. Penguins in 7.

Blackhawks vs. Canucks
The Blackhawks overcame what many young, up-and-coming Cup contenders often don't: winning their first playoff series. Granted, they got help from Calgary, who was missing both Robyn Regehr and Dion Phaneuf. While Vancouver doesn't have to top-end D-men like Calgary, they are very deep on the blueline. Oh, and the guy who stands behind them is the best in the world. Canucks in 5.

Red Wings vs. Ducks
I don't think anyone wanted to face Anaheim this postseason, but if there's one team that matches up well with them it's Detroit. Both teams are incredible on defense, and both goalies — Jonas Hiller for the Ducks, Chris Osgood for the Wings — silenced their doubters with their Round 1 performance. Still, this is an eight-seed vs. a two-seed, and Detroit doesn't have the playoff jinx of the Sharks, who the Ducks booted in the quarterfinals. Anaheim will make them work for it, but Detroit just has too much to handle. Red Wings in 6.


and my picks:

I'll start out West and pick the Wings over the Ducks in 7.  This should be a real barn-burner.

I'll also choose the Canucks over the 'Hawks.  Roberto Luongo is on top of his game right now and even Khabibulin can't beat that.  'Nucks in 7

The Penguins and Capitals could go either way, but it's hard to go against the Pens right now.  Pens in 6. 

This won't be the first Bruin team to have a great regular season and then implode in the playoffs, and it won't be the last.   Sweeping the lowly Habs in the opening round proved nothing. The Hurricanes will give them a proper welcome to playoff intensity.  I said that Ward would be better than Brodeur in round one, and I'll say it again here.  Ward > Thomas.  Canes in 6.

Have your own predictions?  Post them here.  The winner will get a new Canes Country t shirt.  What say you?