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Hurricanes Brand Value Growth is Fourth Best in League

According to a recent report published by, the Carolina Hurricanes have the NHL's fourth best brand value growth, over the past three year period.  The crux of the main article is about how Sidney Crosby resurrected the Penguins franchise, helping to give that team the top growth in the league.  

But if you click on the link: In Pictures: the fastest growing team brands and wait until you get to the hockey segment, you will find the information about Carolina.   

Here is how they have the NHL shaping up:

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins: three year growth 88% (brand value 28 million)
  2. Edmonton Oilers: three year growth 71% (brand value 22 million)
  3. Montreal Canadiens: three year growth 69% (brand value 47 million)
  4. Carolina Hurricanes: three year growth 55% (brand value 19 million)
  5. Buffalo Sabres:  three year growth 54% (brand value 19 million)

The magazine defines "brand" as --"the portion of the team's overall value that is derived from their name as opposed to their market and league".   In other words, money the team can earn from selling merchandise, naming rights, regional television deals, local media, and sponsorships. 

This is great news for Peter Karmanos, Jim Rutherford, and company.  Perhaps there will be a bit of wiggle room to increase the budget for next year after all, so they can keep some of the free agents who deserve raises?  Also, the deeper they go into the playoffs, the more money the team will make and have available.    

We will discuss this much more in depth when the timing is right. 


The Hurricanes flew to Boston on Saturday afternoon in preparation for game 5 against the Bruins.  They took the day off the ice, but will have their typical pregame skate on Sunday morning. 

Ryan Bayda did not make the trip.  The team is being cautious and hoping that no one else catches his flu.

I'll have more information and a game preview up about noonish. 

Happy Mother's Day!