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You Make the Call - Babchuk or Kaberle?

Anton Babchuk is getting a lot of flak this morning because of his inconsistent play in this series as well as for his mistakes last night. Luke DeCock does a good job of throwing the youngster under the bus in this article, almost poking fun at him while never mentioning that Nic Wallin's miscue, when he pinched and then allowed the puck to get past him, put Babchuk in the precarious situation he was in when the defenseman ended up taking Cam Ward out of the play for the Bruins first goal.

There are certainly several players you could point to, who need to ramp up their games if the Canes are to move forward in these playoffs, but Babchuk has been a "nervous nellie" with the puck, and inconsistent without it. Many are calling for Frantisek Kaberle to come off the sidelines to take his place. Although he is a veteran, Kaberle has yet to play a single game in this series. There are certainly no guarantees when he has the puck.

I have mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, I prefer to win or lose with the players "who got you there". Babchuk scored some huge goals for this club down the stretch, but there is no denying that he has been a liability lately in his own end and shaky with the puck on offense. Kaberle has never been the same since his shoulder operation, but his veteran presence and experience in previous game 7's may better serve the team right now.

You are Paul Maurice for the day and you make the call. Who do you play in game seven?