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Playoff Pick'em Contest, Round Three

It's time for round three of the playoffs and another chance to earn points toward a free Canes Country T Shirt.  Let's review how we made out last round, tally up the scores, and then move on to our next picks.  (I realize one game is already in the books out West, but everyone here will have the same advantage).

Last round, Cory chose the Bruins in 6, Pens in 7, Canucks in 5, and Wings in 6.  He earned three points for his trouble and now has a total of 11. 

I picked the Canucks in 7, the Wings in 7, the Canes in 6, and the Pens in 6.  Add four more points to my previous total of eight and that now gives me a total of 12.

Here are the totals for the leaders:

  1. packpigskinfan - 15
  2. Canes12 - 15
  3. Selene - 15
  4. skunk - 14
  5. Cathye - 14
  6. Tabatha252 - 13
  7. Todd14 - 13
  8. briney - 13
  9. TrickyD26 - 12
  10. ralring - 12
  11. Mateo - 11
  12. Lou - 11
  13. Andrea - 11
  14. letsgocanes - 9

Congratulations to Tabatha who picked all the winning teams correctly and only missed one of the series totals.  Her picks were the following:  Canes in 7, Wings in 7, Hawks in 6, and Pens in 6.  Great job!

Also, Selene earned seven points in round two with her picks.  Canes in 7, Pens in 7,  Canucks in 6, and Wings in 7.

For what it's worth, here are Cory and my picks for the next round:


Canes in 7

Most pundits are giving the Penguins an advantage at forward and defense, while picking Carolina to have the edge in goaltending and coaching. But while Pittsburgh does have two elite scorers in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, their defense is mostly average and Sergei Gonchar -- their one elite blueliner -- is banged up. I think Carolina's defense will outplay the Pens' and Cam Ward will be enough to slow Sid and Geno.

Red Wings in 5

I keep picking against Chicago and they keep winning. Why stop now? I still think it's tough for a mostly young team without playoff experience to win a lot in the postseason. The Blackhawks' accomplishments this season are impressive, but Detroit's top-to-bottom skill and experience will overwhelm them.


Canes in 6

The Hurricanes have been under-estimated all postseason.  While the Pens might have the best two scorers in the league, the Canes have a better 3rd and 4rth line, better defense, better goaltending, and better coaching than the Pens.  They have already beaten the beast (Devils) and best (Bruins) of the East. 

Wings in 7

Detroit is going to pop Chicago's bubble, but it won't be easy.

Everyone is invited to participate again, even if you are not on the leaderboard.  Good luck to all.

(please let me know if you believe I made a mistake with the tabulations)