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Game 3 Sponsored by My Bloody Valentine 3D

Substitute pucks for the hurled pickaxes and you pretty much had My Bloody Valentine on ice last night. Gino Malkin did the hurling and terrifying and the Canes team defense did the gasping and cowering.

For those of us watching on Versus, Joe Corvo's between-period interview with Chris Simpson was a major bummer. Joe could have declined the interview. He could have done a Drew Rosenhaus..."Next Question!"  But noooooo, he had to come out with that mean-ole-bully-just-stole-my-lunch-money look on his face.  I think the Storm Squad's "Mike" ought to do all the interviews from now on.

Quick Hits

  • Rod Brind'Amour logged a paltry 9:54 in ice time, and seven of those minutes were at even strength. Remember when he was a Roadhouse Patrick Swayze Selke Stud? Compare that Roddy to this photo taken last night.
  • Chad Larose is still my personal hero. Put him in a scarlet toga and a bronze breastplate and he's a Mini-Me version of Spartan King Leonidas. If you haven't seen that "Day in the Life" episode on the NHL Network, check it out. The parts where he taunts Sean Avery are especially tasty.
  • Erik Cole takes himself out of every play when he goes into target-fixation mode on his hits. He also still has hands of stone.
  • Fresh Ideation-Maybe the Canes ice crew could create a false facade on the Penguins goal so that it would appear to look just like the end wall (think Wile E. Coyote),  Tim Gleason and Erik Cole might put a puck on net...inadvertantly. Do any of  you recall Corvo getting off even one blueline bomb last night? Me either.

So, is it time to panic? No. Is it Tim Conboy and Anton Babchuk time? I say yes. Might as well put a human missle out there. I also think it's time to test Babchuk's sphincter one last crunch-time.

I'll save the actual post-mortems for at least a couple of days.

About Me:

Thanks Cory and Bubba for the invitation to join Canes Country. You may remember me from my role as Mr. Belding from TV's "Saved by the Bell." I am also the driving force (and only force) behind the now dormant CasonBlog. CasonBlog went on hiatus right after the Canes brought back Coach Mo. At the time, I thought bringing back Mo was a sure sign of pending Armageddon in Raleigh. I was wrong. I've been faithfully watching the Canes this season from my home in Tucson, but all commentary since last fall has been between me and the Schnauzer. And now that it's late May, she's pretty sick of hockey. So I figure it's time to start talking at you all. Now go lay down or you get no Scoobie Snack!!!