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Calling all playoff vets

With elimination looming, playoff veterans have to step up tonight. Yes, tonight the gaze of my twitching lidless eye, wreathed in flame and drenched in alcohol, will be focused on Whitney, Samsonov, Cole and Cap'n Roddy.



1. Take away time and space from Gino Torretta and Cindy Crosby.

2. Eat fish -brain food to stop the stupid penalties and coverage mistakes. And leave the Mercury in the's Ruutu fuel.

3. No gliding - Never quit skating hard. A glide is a 60 minute death spiral against this club.

4. Be the puck Danny - be where the puck is going to be, and get there firstust and mostest.

5. Veterans must lead.

Here's to a great game tonight - one of those drama-enriched Hurricanes playoff games we've come to love...even to expect, eh? One night to keep the dream alive for all the little children and their rally sweater-wearing parents - like Mr. Tommy Westlund sweater guy...liked that look the other night. 

Whatever happens tonight, it's been a great season. No doubt about it, this is a franchise that knows how to win. Protect the house boys.