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A Snark-Free Tribute to the Pens

The better team swept this series. It was the Pens who made the most out of transitions and turnovers again tonight.

Fleury was fab. Cam was just good on a night he needed to be spectacular. He got beat by a fluke floater and two great badckside one-timers. The Staal's were the best skaters out there tonight.

I've changed my mind about the next match-up. I don't think the Wings will steamroll these Pens. It should be a great series.

See, I can do a totally snark-free post....

Hey, it was good to see Tie Domi in the owners box with Mario tonight. Didn't get a chance to see which of his skanky mistresses he brought to the game...damn, almost made it.

Good luck Pens.