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Hurricanes’ First Offseason Acquisition? New HD Scoreboard For RBC Center


The RBC Center's new scoreboard could look like the four-sided, high-definition scoreboard (minus the top ribbon boards) that was put in HP Pavilion, home of the San Jose Sharks.

The Carolina Hurricanes are already looking ahead to next season, and fans at the RBC Center will have something new to look up to: a state-of-the-art scoreboard. 

In the May issue of The Wolfpacker, a publication that covers NC State sports, vice president and general manager of the RBC Center Dave Olsen confirmed that the arena would be installing a new scoreboard. The new board will be four-sided — as compared to the current eight-sided one — and "everything is HD and LED," Olsen told The Wolfpacker. Based on what was said before today's end-of-season press conferences, Bubba is reporting the new board installation will begin on June 1 and will be completed about June 18.

The scoreboard will be close in size to the current one — so it can fit in the current support structure — but the panels will be about six feet wider than the current one.

The Wolfpacker reported that the scoreboard cost $1.9 million and required another $2.3 million in expenses for equipment to operate it. It will also be used for NC State basketball games.