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Playoff Pick'em Contest, Round Four

It's the final round of the Playoff Pick'em contest and there is a logjam up at the top.   After a fast start in the first two rounds, the point accumulations slowed down a bit in round three.  Although, congratulations go to "briney" who earned three out of a possible four points this time around. 

I earned one point for picking the Wings in seven and Cory earned two as he correctly predicted the Wings would win in five games.  We are now both tied with 13 points each.

Here is the listing of the top 13 participants who are in the running for the free Canes Country T shirt

  1. packpigskinfan - 16
  2. Canes12 - 16
  3. briney - 16
  4. Selene - 16
  5. Skunk - 16
  6. Cathye - 14
  7. Todd14 - 14
  8. TrickyD26- 13
  9. Tabatha252 - 13
  10. ralring -12
  11. Andrea - 11
  12. Lou - 11
  13. Mateo - 11

The final round will work the same as before.  Earn one point for the winning team and another point for the correct number of games in the series.  We will throw in one more bonus point if you can predict who the Conn Smythe will go to.   Good luck!

As usual, Scott, Cory, and I will also give it a go.


Scott entered this party a bit late but he's taking the Wings in 6.

Cory- The Canes saw first hand what Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby are capable of, so the Penguins shouldn't be discounted. While they may be the two most prolific players on the ice in the Finals, the Red Wings boast the best defenseman of the era in Nicklas Lidstrom, plus Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Johan Franzén and Marian Hossa up front. Throw in Brian Rafalski and a great group of role players and up-and-comers. That will be too much for Pittsburgh. Red Wings in 6 and Franzen for the Conn Smythe.

Bob-  I am not fond of either of these teams and while I will be watching, I honestly don't care who wins this.  The Wings seem a little banged up with Lidstrom and Datsyuk both missing time recently.  I also think that Fleury > Osgood.  I'm picking the Pens in 6 with the "Golden One", Sidney Crosby winning the Conn Smythe. 

What do you think?  Feel free to discuss even if you are not on the leaderboard above.