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Hurricanes Newsstand — May 5

As everyone waits for Game 3 in what is shaping up to be a good series, some of the media is beginning to assume the Canes have figured out how to beat Boston. But one win over the best remaining team in the playoffs is a long way from the four needed to take the series. 

That being said, the Canes can at least know — after five straight losses to Boston this season — that the Bruins don't totally have their number.

There's also still plenty of talk surrounding the Chad LaRose half goal (as Paul Maurice has referred to it a few times), which ultimately was meaningless but has still raised questions about the NHL's replay practices. 

FS Carolinas has decided to broadcast Games 3 and 4 in HD. Game 5 will also be in high defintion (on Versus). Potential Games 6 and 7 are still up in the air.

Finally, the Boston Herald has an article in which Mark Recchi praises the atmosphere here in Raleigh. Here's a snippet, with the rest of the article below in the links:

“It was an amazing atmosphere and it’s one of the loudest buildings I’ve ever been in, period,” Recchi said. “They did it from Day One of the playoffs in ’06 and I’m sure they’re doing it right now. It’ll be good. We’re going to have to be ready for it, just like in Montreal. We’re going to have to be ready to counter their start and push back and challenge them.”