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Playoff Pick'em Contest Winners

Congratulations to Packpigskinfan, Briney, and Selene for winning our playoff contest.  Each of them had 16 points heading into the finals, and every one of them picked up another two points as they selected the Pens to win.   They each have won a brand new, (hardly ever worn), Canes Country T shirt.  Just email me with your contact info and your preferred size.  ""

I picked the Pens to win in six games, finished with 14 points, and edged out Cory by one point in the battle of the Canes Country bloggers.     Better luck next time, Cory.  :-)  (Scott didn't have a chance to compete).

Thanks to everyone who participated.  We will have to continue with the contests again next season.  Here were the top 10 with their totals.

  1. Packpigskinfan - 18
  2. Briney - 18
  3. Selene - 18
  4. Canes12 - 17
  5. Skunk - 16
  6. Cathye - 16
  7. Todd14 - 14
  8. TrickyD26 - 13
  9. Tabatha - 13
  10. Ralring - 12