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Canes Country Draft Party Friday Night

This will be Cory when Drew Shore is selected by the Hurricanes with the 27th pick.
This will be Cory when Drew Shore is selected by the Hurricanes with the 27th pick.

The Carolina Hurricanes organization is not holding an official draft party on Friday night to celebrate the first round of the draft, but we will be hosting a "virtual" party here at Canes Country.   You are invited to join us as we scrutinize, analyze, criticize, hypothesize, and just have some fun while we watch the event.  Maybe we will be able to give away a couple more Canes Country t-shirts during the affair.  I will create an open "live thread" much like we used to do for games, and folk can join in the discussion as they wish.  Festivities start at 7.

The SB Nation Mock Draft continues and on behalf of Canes Country, Cory selected Drew Shore in that draft as well as the one here. (He better be good, Cory!)  I admit that I am not an expert on the prospects.  I can read the player descriptions from the various sites as well as anyone, but I have never watched most of these kids play.  Jeremy Morin seems to be an interesting case and he looked great in the World Juniors Tournament.  But his scouting report reminds me of a Robbie Schremp type, a sharpshooter with possible work ethic issues.  Who knows?  It is amazing though how some teams like Buffalo and Boston seem to continually have an eye for the talent.  Scouting is certainly an art form.  

Speaking of draft parties, (and not having one), the Tampa Bay Lightning have the number two overall pick in the draft, but they are not having a sponsored party.  Apparently, they are too busy trying to keep from completely imploding.  It has always amazed me how fans can be watching the same game and the exact same performance by a player, but sometimes have polar opposite opinions about what they watched.  Yet, this is what you have in Tampa.  Two partners who own a franchise but have exact opposite viewpoints about how to run it, and also apparently with separate ideas with what to do with Vincent Lecavalier.  It will be interesting to see what unfolds down there.