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Rutherford Pleased with Draft so far - Mattias Lindstrom Taken in Third - Updates

The Carolina Hurricanes drafted more size in the third round when they selected Mattias Lindstrom of Sweden.  Lindstrom is listed as a 6'4" forward and Carolina's general manager says that he is a "huge, scary player."  Hockey's Future has this to say about the prospect.

Lindström is a huge and strong two-way player. He likes to play physical and throws his body around with good timing. Does a lot of dirty work along the boards and in the corners. Hockey sense and puck skills are not great, but at least average and a bit underrated. Takes care of his defensive responsibilities and can chip in offensively at times, although it is his physical play and team play that makes him a valuable.

Jim Rutherford was asked by the press about the emphasis on size this year and the GM replied that the team felt the need to compliment the skilled players on the team with some bigger counterparts.  They have intentionally been looking for a certain type of player in this year's draft and feel like they have been very successful so far in achieving their goals.  Rutherford also stated that they were not anticipating making any trades or moving up or down during the remainder of the draft.

UPDATE-  Matt Kennedy taken in fifth round.   The 6'2" right winger was captain of the Guelph Storm this year and had 33 goals along with 40 assists in 67 games this past season.

UPDATE 2-  Rasmus Rissanen taken in the sixth.  A 6'2" defenseman from Finland, Rissanen is one of the more physical blueliners in Finland.  Hockey's Future says that he must improve his speed, but his size and strength are attributes.

UPDATE 3 - Tommi Kivisto taken with their final pick.  A 6'1" defenseman from Finland who played in Red Deer last season.  He also plays on the blueline for Team Finland's U-18 and U-20 teams.

We will have a summary of the draft and more analysis a bit later.