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Greetings from Jussi Jokinen

Earlier today, I sent a congratulatory email to Jussi Jokinen and asked him what he had been doing so far this offseason.  I also asked if he had any comments to pass on to fans.  He responded shortly afterwards and this is what  he had to say:

I am VERY excited to be returning to Carolina for the next two years..  It's been very nice seeing and hanging out with family and friends here in Finland.  I started my summer training program last week.   I noticed that the Canes drafted two defensemen from Finland this past weekend.  They are pretty young and  I do not know much about them, though. 

I hope all Canes fans are having a great summer!

Best Regards,

Jussi Jokinen

Thank you, Jussi, for your response and enjoy your time!


Now that the versatile forward is under contract, who will be next for the Canes?