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Aaron Ward Press Conference

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Aaron Ward met with the press at 3PM today at the RBC.  You can click here to listen to the entire press conference.  Some highlights:

  • Was shocked, got the call today on the 7th green on the golf course.
  • It's usually not good when you see you are getting a call from your GM in the offseason.
  • Will miss Boston.  It's a great sports town and he felt like he was a key component to their success last season.
  • But is very happy to be back here.  Is familiar with several players and is looking forward to coming season.
  • Situation between him and Walker is water under the bridge.  He has known "Walks" for some time and knows that he is a good guy.  Will shake his hand when he sees him.  He's excited to play with him.
  • He is willing to accept any role the team gives him.  Looks forward to skating with Pitkanen, but if he has another partner, that is fine as well.   
  • Is closest with Ray Whitney on the team.  They have stayed in contact since the Cup win in 2006.