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Quick Hits and Tidbits - July 29th

There are a few interesting articles and stories out there I thought I would discuss in case you missed them. 

Javier Serna of the News and Observer has a nice article about Frank Kaberle

At the foot of the article, there is a short blurb stating that Patrick Eaves is not necessarily on Jim Rutherford's short list of possible acquisition targets, BUT....... they still like him.  (whatever that means).  The team is still looking for a low priced forward, (probably a fourth line center).


Mike Maniscalco posted a personally tinged story about Tom Barrasso at the 99.9 The Fan site.

Very good stuff here as the long time Buffalo resident reminisces a bit, then compares Barrasso with friend and associate Ron Francis.

Although Ron Francis is fourth on the all-time scoring list and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, it never felt like Francis was given enough credit for how great he was and the same is true with Barrasso.

Could not agree more with that sentiment. 


Listen to John Forslund's take about the Hurricanes recent pickups of Alberts and Ward.  

Audio of the interview is here.


Puck Daddy informs us how we can save money buying tickets for hockey games.

Greg Wyshynski with yet another interesting article.  For instance, did you know that it is cheaper to watch the Hurricanes than to watch the Florida Panthers?  Although, who would want to watch the Florida Panthers? (snarky comment of the day)


Finally, Brandon, over at "Defending Big D" has a great round table discussion about the new media

Very interesting stuff from Greg Wyshynski, (who is that guy?), Mike Heika, the Stars beat writer from the Dallas Morning News, and Bob Sturm, from 1310 AM The Ticket.  All three answer blunt questions about how the media is evolving and what it means to them.  How refreshing it is to see honest answers from a newspaper beat guy on the subject and actually see a link on the newspaper's official blog to "Defending Big D".

Here are professionals who take the time to read from every source available to them, over 30-40 blogs per day. 

Here is one of my favorite questions: 

Among the sports blogging community there is a feeling of a double standard when it comes to citation by the traditional media. Bloggers quote and link to traditional sources daily, yet there seems to be a growing trend of news articles that fail to cite and give credit to the blogs they get their information from. Is there any sort of guidelines in the traditional media for following the "ethics of the internet" when it comes to linking and quoting online articles by blogs and websites?

While we are not perfect here and sometimes I will get an idea from somewhere and forget to give proper credit, (I might not remember exactly where I got the idea), but we almost always identify and/or link back to a source.  Traditional media, not so much.  If they use something they saw on a blog, it apparently does not count as being a source.  Puck Daddy has probably been burned by this more than anyone.   

Happy Hump Day!