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SB Nation Goes Mobile

I know quite a few of you have been asking about this, so this will be welcome news.  Last night, SB Nation upgraded the network so that mobile commenting is now available.   Here is the official press release with instructions from the network brass:

We are very excited to introduce mobile commenting to the platform. You can now sign in to each blog you are a member of and comment in GameThreads from the game or the bar or participate in an interesting discussion happening on a blog from anywhere with your phone.

There are two things to note in this release of mobile commenting. First, mobile login is not network wide. You must sign into each community individually. Second, we did some cross browser testing with as many phones as possible, but we cannot test each phone. If you have any issues with mobile commenting please let us know at or using the contact form at the bottom of each page in the network. Please be sure to provide your phone model and browser type along with a very detailed description of the problem in your email.

We are also very excited about the new retweeting feature. If you see a post that you find interesting and want to share it via twitter, now you can with just one click rather than copying and pasting the link.

It looks like some of you have been 'retweeting" articles already.  Very good!  Please give the mobile commenting a try and let me know if there are any issues so I can forward the information to customer support.     Gracias.