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Hurricanes Release Roster for Upcoming Prospects Tournament

The Carolina Hurricanes will take part in the 2009 NHL Prospects Tournament from September 6 to 10 in Traverse City, Michigan.  This will be the first time that the Hurricanes have participated in the tournament, which is hosted by the Detroit Red Wings.  (They last participated in Ottawa's tournament in 2005). 

As expected, the roster includes many of Carolina's top draft picks and prospects.

Carolina Roster:


50 Valiquette, Alain

70 Murphy, Mike


28 McBain, Jamie

47 Jordan, Michal

51 Day, Josh

55 Schmitz, Beau

57 Reid, Elgin

62 Rissanen, Rasmus

73 Bellemore, Brett


11 Boychuk, Zach

16 Sutter, Brandon

21 Bowman, Drayson

34 Paradis, Philippe

45 Kennedy, Matt

46 Pistilli, Matt

48 Reed, Harrison

54 Chaput, Stephan

58 Terry, Chris

61 Morneau, Samuel

64 McCrae, Justin

65 Dodge, Nick

Jeff Daniels will be coaching the team.

The top performers in the tournament are expected to be invited to training camp, which starts September 12.  The NHL Network might broadcast a few of these games, we will check that out and report about it later.   For more information, there is a dedicated website here.