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Canes Country Fantasy Hockey is now Open

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Have you got what it takes to win the trophy in 2010?  You might just find yourself up against some of the "keenest hockey minds" out there.  Cory, Scott, C-Leaguer, and yes, after serving a brief offseason suspension for allegedly starting an altercation with another league commissioner, Bubba has been reinstated and will be back managing his "Bruisers".  

We use a basic rotisserie league concept  and you will earn points for goals, assists, plus/minus, PIM's, PP goals, PP assists, SH points, game winning goals, shots on goals, and face offs won.  Your goalie earns points for wins, GAA, save percentage, and shut outs.   We will set up draft arrangements after people have signed up.

Everyone is invited to play.  (I have created multiple leagues, so we should have room for everyone.)  If you are inexperienced and might like to give it a try, let me know.  If we get enough requests, I will also start a "B" league.

The winner in each league will receive a trophy, another prize to go with it, and most importantly you will have the right to trash talk for a full year afterwards.  (Something that wilmnoca has already taken full advantage of this summer because he won our "sister" league last year.)  One word of warning.  Do not start trash talking half way through the season, even if you have a 20 point lead.  Things can change quickly.  :-)

If you would like to participate you can either leave your email address in the comment section below, or send your email address to me at  I will then send you an official invitation from Yahoo!  Good luck.