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A Closer Look: Andrew Alberts

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Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Andrew Alberts looks to get physical if he has the chance. (photo from LTD's site)

Sunday, I had the chance to speak with a few of the newer players on the team.  My objective was to ask them some general questions so that hopefully we could get to know them a bit better.  First on the list was Andrew Alberts

Alberts was originally drafted in 2001 by the Boston Bruins in the sixth round of the NHL Entry Draft.  After three years of action with the Bruins, he was traded to the Flyers where he had the best year of his career last season.  (79GP 1G 12A 13P +6).  The Hurricanes signed him to a two year contract this offseason which pays him 800 thousand the first year and 1.3 million the next..  He is 28 years old, is an American born skater, and is listed at 6'5, 218, which makes him the biggest player on the team.

CC:  Could you start off by describing your game for the fans who might not be familiar with you?  What can they expect to see? 

Alberts:  It's a simple game.  I try to keep things simple, make easy passes, and anytime I get a chance to lay the body, make a big hit, or get physical, I'm going to take it.  I try to keep the front of the net clear and be a physical presence on the ice. 

CC: What has been the highlight of your career or most memorable moment so far?

Alberts: Well, the most memorable I think so far is making my first training camp in Boston.  It was certainly a highlight, reaching one of my goals.  Everyday to be able to wake up and live your dream is a pretty cool thing.   

CC:  Who has been the most influential coach in your career?

Alberts:  Probably Dr. Jack (Bladwick), who was my coach in high school actually.  He's done a lot of work with NHL teams and has coached in college.  He believes in a lot of off ice training and he has been a big factor in my success.  

CC:  What piece of equipment are you most picky about?

Alberts:  You know what?  I'm pretty easy going about everything. (chuckles) But if it had to be something, it would probably be my shin pads.  I block a lot of shots and anytime you get hit in a bad spot it hurts pretty good.  So I usually pay pretty close attention to my shin pads.

CC:  What is your favorite off ice workout?

Alberts:  Does golfing count?  (more laughter).  No, I enjoy biometrics.  I know it helps my game and I do enjoy it.  

CC:  So golfing is your favorite sport other than hockey?

Alberts:  Oh yeah, I love to golf or just relax on the boat during the summer back home in Minnesota.

CC:  Why do you wear number 41?

Alberts:  That was the first number Boston gave me back in training camp.  Being a younger guy and a rookie, I didn't want to ask to change my number and act all cocky and what not, so I just kept that number and used it ever since.  

CC:  And finally, what's your favorite beer?

Alberts:  Favorite beer?  That would have to be a good old Bud Light  Hard to beat a Bud Light.