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Quick Hits and Tidbits - September 2

Does the NHLPA have a plan?

Probably the most dysfunctional organization in sports just dumped another president.  The NHLPA fired Paul Kelly at 3AM Monday morning.  While the Goodenow and Saskin firings were explained and appeared to be pretty well thought out, this dismissal seemed rushed and without good cause. 

Was Kelly too nice of a guy?  Did he catch some powerful insiders with their hands in the cookie jar?

So far, no one has given a reason for the move and writers all around the NHL have criticized the action.  It reminds me of what seemed to be going on before and during the lockout.  A small minority of loudmouth bullies, (Chelios), are calling all the shots while the silent majority have little to say.  It's time for some players with common sense to stand up and take charge and push the radicals aside.  This league can not afford another lockout, period.

Anyone feel sorry for Versus?

On September 1, the contract between Versus and Direct TV expired.  The two adversaries have refused to compromise enough to make a new deal, so for the moment, Direct TV customers no longer get the Versus network.

Hockey fans have nothing to worry about yet since opening night isn't until October, and Hurricanes fans might not care at all since Versus shut the Canes out from being covered for a single game this season.

Direct TV claims that Versus, (who is owned by Comcast), wants to charge them an unfair amount. Of course, Versus disagrees and wants hockey fans to contact Direct TV and demand that they cave in to the network's demands.   Caniacs will get right on that.....

Duplin Winery to donate more money

The largest winery in the South, Duplin Winery, will donate a portion of wine sales from September to mid November to the North Carolina Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill.  The winery is also known for the production and distribution of "TEN", the wine commemorating the Hurricanes 10th anniversary.  They donated $30,000 to the Hurricanes Kids 'N Communities Foundation after that promotion.