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Tim Conboy: A Closer Look

Carolina Hurricanes Tim Conboy fills in at offense or defense for his club and never backs down from a confrontation. (photo by LTD)

Tim Conboy is not a new pickup this season, but I thought it would be fun to ask him the same questions I did the new players. 

The utility athlete has served as team captain and primarily played defense in Albany, but has usually been called up to fill in at forward for the Canes during parts of the last two seasons.  This year he earned himself a one way contract which will pay him $500,000 for the season. 

Conboy was originally drafted by San Jose in 2002, but never played in the NHL before being signed by Carolina.  The Minnesota native has played a total of 47 games over the last two seasons for the Canes and has 6 points to go with his 97 penalty minutes. 

He is a very likable guy in the dressing room and was happy to answer a few questions for Canes Country.

CC:  What has been the highlight of your career so far?

TC:  That would have to be my first (NHL) game.  It was against Colorado and I ended up fighting Scott Parker in my very first shift and it was certainly memorable. That is tops so far.

CC:  Who has been the most influential coach in your career?

TC:  I've had a lot of them.  The guys I had in Albany were great.  Jeff Daniels and Tom RoweGeordie Kinnear especially was for me.  He worked a lot with me on the "D" and he knows so many little things that you don't even think of.  You're just lucky to be able to work with him and pick those things up and it's helped my career tremendously.

CC:  Speaking of "D", have the coaches given you an idea of what position you'll be playing this year, forward or defenseman?

TC:  Not definitively.  I think for the start, I'm going to be at forward and then just kind of go from there.  I'll probably play a similar role as to what I had here last year and I'm fine with that.  As long as I'm here, I'll play wherever.

CC:  What's your favorite sport other than hockey?

TC:  Football or baseball.  I played both of them growing up all through high school.  I'm a big Minnesota Vikings fan and Minnesota Twins fan so it's tough for me to pick one over the other.

CC:  What is your favorite off ice workout?

TC:  Anything with Pete Friesen is my favorite.   (smiles)

CC:  He keeps it fun?

TC:  (Laughter)  There ya go.

CC:  What piece of equipment are you most fussy about?

TC:  I'm not really fussy about anything except maybe my skates, I guess.  I wear white skates and the guys give me a hard time about that.  Other than that I'm pretty simple.

CC:  What's your favorite beer?

TC:  Bud Light

CC:  Bud Light?

TC:  Yep, Bud Light

CC:  You wear number 38, any reason why?

TC:  No, that's just the number they gave me in my first training camp and I kept it.  It's hard for me to change it now.