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Clicks and Clippings

"Where am I?" Hockeymomof2 looks around the broad column, her eyes filled with delight and trepidation. "Gee whiz! This is too cool out here, I must be in the center rail. So much space, so many eyes..oops, don't step in that!. Oh shoot....It's okay. It'll wash off."

Canes Country GM Bob Harwood has kindly accepted my incessent offers to share the load here at our favorite hockey blog and so, for the time being, I will occasionally be assembling and posting some links and stories I find that I hope you all might enjoy.

Without further ado, and asking for your patience while I adjust to the pressure of the big leagues (apparently no time in the American League for this blogging hockeymom), here is a round-up of some basic news and somewhat less obvious stories about the Carolina Hurricanes: Past, present and future.

The standards

First off, over at the official site of your Carolina Hurricanes, they have initiated their own newstand appropriately named : Daily Clips. It eschews all blogs (including this one! eyeroll) and (for now) focused only on links within traditional print media. Therefore, Harwood and I don't feel threatened in the least. Check them out if you happen to like that sort of thing. You'll be back.

Canes Now - Pitkanen at morning skate

Hurricanes Past

'Archie' Irbe returns, tutors Caps' Russian goalie - Sporting News Our team's first playoff goalie makes good use of his language skills to help our SE Division rival. As MTV's Mike Green summed up his experience with Varly - "I don't think [Semyon Varlamov] understood us last year sometimes, what we were saying on the ice. At least he knows some stuff now."  Seems like if they just needed a translator there might have been other alternatives. Anyone else wonder if Irbe is the best choice to teach the raw-talent kid the sound fundamentals of the position? Stay tuned. 

2009-2010 Red Wings Season Preview - Winging It In Motown Previewing the upcoming season for the Detroit Red WingsPatrick Eaves will be sharing 4th line duties in Detroit. Good for him. Fresh start - nice comments below the story.

Ryan Bayda is in a 3-way contest in Pittsburgh (still) - See his competition and cast your vote for Ryan at Pensburgh today! Don't delay - Mario is standing by.

More on the present and future after the jump.

Hurricanes Present

(More websites driving up their hits with meaningless though comment-provoking season previews:)

Five things: Maurice sequel gives 'Canes different, same look - NHL - Hockey
It's one thing for the 'Canes to bring players back for second or third tours. But a coach? Paul Maurice's return sent Carolina on a run to the East finals, generating optimism for this season. Since when does CBS cover the NHL?

The Hockey News: Edward Fraser's blog: Southeast Division preview

BT's 2009/10 NHL Season Preview: Carolina Hurricanes | Bleacher Report
Each year the Hurricanes do something to surprise, and this year looks to be no different... From August

Hurricanes Future

Murphy's law: Stick with River Rats - The Record Sports (  Introducing Mike Murphy to his new hometown fans in Albany. Nice quote from young Mike: "To have Tom Barrasso as your coach at practice every day and watching your every move was unbelievable," said Murphy, "He taught me a little about his style of play which I incorporated into my game," Murphy said of the former NHL veteran and Stanley Cup champion. "I was a little further out and I was stopping more pucks — so I really believe in my goalie coach which is good." Yes, Mike, that is very good.

Boychuk and Dwyer return to Albany - from the Hurricanes.

Last -

Hurricanes Almost

St. Manny, the Benevolent - Fear The Fin Malhotra gives the Sharks the gift of an amazing contract. Apparently Manny didn't believe the Canes merited that degree of benevolence  (if those August tweets Harwood posted were true).