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Clicks and Clippings: Erik Cole is all a-Buzz

We're in the final countdown (4 days and 7 hours) to Friday. My pulse has already picked up in anticipation.

First off Erik Cole was in high spirits chatting about everything from the Yankees, Tiger Woods to Roddy's absurd sub-11min time on the 5-mile bike a couple weeks ago. Check it out at the Buzz from this morning. I put this first so you can listen to all 40 minutes while clicking around the other links below. He got real comfortable. Around 25 minutes he gets back to the Hurricanes upcoming season.

A little moral support for those of you who are crying in your beer about Sutter's assignment to Albany. Unfortunately, your newfound puckbuddy is Puck Daddy contributor "The Two-Line Pass". From  What We Learned: 20 bold predictions for the NHL season : Carolina Hurricanes: Brandon Sutter and Jamie McBain were assigned to the AHL yesterday, and I'm a bit surprised that Sutter got sent down. He played 50 games in the NHL last year (though the only real highlight was when Doug Weight clobbered him into next week), and now he's being sent down in favor of Tim Conboy? Not sure I get that.

Speaking of Albany, check out the links after the jump to know what our prospects have accomplished now that they are the big fish in the small and frozen ponds:

Albany River Rats: Perhaps this will prove to be a time-travel moment to 2012: Boychuk responded for Albany (insert "Carolina" here) with the club’s second power play goal of the night, set-up by a beautiful cross ice pass from defenseman Bryan Rodney.

Also from the Albany River Rats:  Elgin Reid to Everblades. I guess I will now pass this name on to Cory to remember who this guy is.

Guelph Storm - First victory an ugly one However, Matt Kennedy with the lone goal in the SO for the win.

I led with the photo of Gleason's monster check in Nashville as a segue to these links.

Turning to puckhead standard "The Wall Street Journal" for hockey news, you might like this:  Brian Burke on U.S. Hockey: We’re Going Medieval - Elaborating: "New GM Brian Burke, architect of the U.S. Olympics strategy in hockey, doesn't want his opponents simply to lose. He wants their postgame soreness to remind them just how unpleasant losing was.  Anyone searching for grace and artistry should tune in to figure skating." I think this is good news for Gleason making the roster in Vancouver. Afterall, Timmy's triple-lutz has always been his downfall.

For Team Canada: Hockey Canada's Steve Yzerman plans to call Wayne Gretzky soon - ESPN
Hockey Canada executive director and Detroit Red Wings vice president Steve Yzerman plans to call Wayne Gretzky to find out his plans for the future. Would this be more or less pressure for the Great One than the last 6 months in Phoenix?

Last, looking forward to Saturday in Boston, I found this image of the B's Milan Lucic and Ottawa's Chris Neil, from over the weekend. If it doesn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, you're a far tougher man than I.