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Single Game Ticket Info, Specials Galore, and Big Changes

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The Carolina Hurricanes announced yesterday that single tickets for games in October and November will go on sale to the public September 14.  Tickets for preseason games will go on sale September 8. 

The Canes have changed some things up this year which "might" cause some initial confusion.

The club has introduced "advanced pricing", which means that ticket prices will be less expensive if you buy them at least one week in advance.  This includes the special $9.99 tickets in the upper end zones which previously had to be purchased only on game days.  Now, fans can purchase those $9.99 tickets as soon as they go on sale to the public.  (September 14). You also must purchase those tickets at least one week in advance in order to take advantage of that favorable pricing.

Still with me?  Other seats are also discounted as they will be available at last year's pricing if purchased one week in advance.

The Hurricanes will still have the popular "College Nights" and "Military Appreciation Program".   They also have "Harris Teeter Nights" and "Family Nights" featuring $1 hotdogs.  For more information and the exact dates of the promotions, be sure to check out the information sheet on the Hurricanes homepage. 

The advanced ticket pricing program seems to be the first major influence from new partners SAS and IdeaS, which we reported here on the blog last month.  The Canes have always relied upon a huge walkup contingency right before game time and apparently they are trying to get away from that dependency.  The discounted tickets will be great for fans who are aware of the program and plan ahead.  Hopefully, the word will get out to everyone.