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Tuomo Ruutu Wins Fight, But Joins Injured

Tuomo Ruutu and Darcy Tucker exchange pleasantries on January 8, 2010 at the RBC. (photo by LTD)

Last Friday night early in the Avs game, Tuomo Ruutu dropped the gloves with Darcy Tucker and the two settled some differences. The Carolina Hurricanes forward hit Tucker from behind in Colorado and Tucker wanted to administer some old-time hockey justice. Ruutu was honorable enough to accept the challenge, but ended up hurting himself and will now be out of action for a couple of weeks.

When the Finnish forward dropped his gloves, he decided "to go" with a much more experienced fighter. According to, Tucker has been involved in over 90 fights in his career. Ruutu, on the otherhand, had only dropped the mitts six times, not including Friday's tilt.

One might think that the experienced fighter with something to prove would have the upper hand in this bout, but according to Hockeyfights, Ruutu won the fight. The Finn garnered 46% of registered voters' support. He also has a winning record when totaling the results of his previous fights.

Although, don't look for one of the team leaders in hits to change roles to enforcer anytime soon. After the altercation, Ruutu was in obvious pain, but the good news is that his injury does not seem to be serious. At least nothing is broken or that information would have leaked by now. But the warrior will be out of action for at least two weeks.

People are guessing about the nature of the injury and some have said that it might be his shoulder. (The team has not released any information). Regardless what it is, fans are hoping for a quick recovery.


The team is suffering through a lot of injuries this year and unfortunately, the maladies are not just limited to the players. Equipment manager Bob Gorman was hit in the head with a puck in Nashville and his gash required eight stitches to close up. But like a true pro, he went right back to work after he got stitched up.

And you thought being the equipment manager was a cushy job? Mike Maniscalco has the lowdown with this excellent report on Fankind.


After the jump, check out the video of the Ruutu/Tucker affair. Who do you think won? Should Ruutu have accepted the challenge or skated away?