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"From The Rink" Gets a Face Lift

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I wanted to post this announcement on Monday, but it was a crazy day and I did not have a chance.  James Mirtle's popular SBN blog, "From The Rink", is undergoing some major changes. 

Mirtle was recently hired by the Globe and Mail to be the Leafs' beat writer. (Congrats to James!) The paper also charged him with the task of getting their new blog, Globe on Hockey up and running.  Needless to say Mirtle is a very busy man, too busy to keep up with his old blog. 

The bigwigs at SB Nation did not want to see all of Mirtle's hard work go to waste, so they decided to keep the blog active with the help of a few "volunteers", (or draftees).  I'm proud to say that Cory and I made the cut.

Mike Chen is the new managing editor of the site.  Those of you who have been reading blogs for awhile have likely heard the name before.  Most recently he was on Paul Kukla's network.  Mike is the only West Coast guy on the team, but we won't hold that against him.  Frank from Pensburgh and Joe from Blueshirt Banter are also helping out.

Cory and I will still be focused on Canes Country and we do not plan on having any reduction in coverage or articles here.  But we will be adding our two cents from time to time over at "From The Rink" when it comes to general NHL topics. 

We have already chipped in with a roundtable discussion and I threw out a few opinions about various trade rumors.  You can track new articles on "From The Rink" by following the RSS feed on our left sidebar.