Carpooling to Charlotte for Checkers game 10.15.10

We were thinking about renting a car to drive to Charlotte for the game Oct 15 to keep from putting too many miles on the new car. Then I thought, if we're going to rent anyway - why not see if there's anyone that wants to carpool with us, get a mini-van and split the costs. I did a little pricing and it looks like the rental would be in the $100-120 range. They mini-van seats 7 people. So it would work out to $15-20/person. We have a party of 2, potentially 3 already. So that's 4 more folks that could ride with us.

Plus we won't be drinking alcohol at the game, so we wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving.

Also - Bob's email cancelling the bus rental brought up the idea of doing a caravan. That might be fun, too.