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Enhance Your Fan Experience: Let Me Count The Ways

If you travel around the SBN hockey blog network today, you will find a common theme. Samsung Corporation is sponsoring a special message that we bloggers are passing along to readers: how to enhance the fan experience.

Some writers are taking this more seriously than others. Let's take a quick look around the network at some of what folk are suggesting out there. Then I will share my idea of what might enhance your experience as a Carolina Hurricanes fan.

Pension Plan Puppets suggests that you get a new TV, after you clean your room.

In Lou We Trust says to MAKE MORE NOISE!

Broad Street Hockey recommends a "Visitors Only Section" at their home rink.

Lighthouse Hockey wants there to be more live replays. Most fans will get behind that one!

Pensburgh gives reviews of some of the top hockey apps out there.

Die By The Blade wants more fan swag.

Silver Seven Sens thinks the NHL should incorporate the best of Bubble Top Hockey with the on ice game.

Raw Charge says that "less is more" concerning TV coverage.

Nucks Misconduct goes one step further and suggests we all mute our TV's during broadcasts. I think we have all been there and done that while watching some away games on Center Ice.

Copper and Blue feels that drinking more beer, lots more beer, is the best enhancement. This is probably best advice for Oilers fans. :-)

The Cannon says that everyone should bring a friend.

Mike at From The Rink thinks there should be a penalty box for bad fans. Love this one except that it would be over-flowed when the Sabres visit the RBC.

What suggestion do I have to offer? I think it would be great to have an unedited, live mic on some players. They have tried something like this before of course, but it has always been heavily edited. Let's put this on HBO and see what the players really say to each other. Also, it would be nice to see some of the speeches and motivation talks between periods. Let's see what goes on in the training room, all the limping, stitching, and suffering the players go through, behind the scenes. Maybe fans would be less critical if they realized that player X had a bad game because they could barely walk after the game?

In the next two Fridays, Cory and Hockeymom will be sharing their ideas about this as well. Any suggestions? The floor is always open here at Canes Country.