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NHL's Mike Murphy Backpedals On "No Goal" Reversal

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The Carolina Hurricanes finally got an explanation from the league this morning about the controversial reversal of the call in the third period last night which gave the Pittsburgh Penguins a 4-3 lead against the Canes.

Basically, there was no explanation.

"Greg Kimmerly, the referee, initiated the review. He asked us if the puck entered the net in a legal fashion. There was no kick, and there was no glove. I can’t apply anything about blowing a whistle, unless it is clearly well after the whistle. The only thing I can determine is whether the puck crossed the goal line legally – in a proper fashion. After that, it is simply the referee’s call on the ice."

So then, why was the call reversed? Whose decision was it?

There is quite frankly, no credible reason why the call should have been reversed, so Murphy seems to be throwing this back on the referee while disavowing any responsibility. This, after taking up to 10 minutes or more to review the call and make a decision whether the puck crossed the line legally?