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Afternoon Quickies: New GM in Calgary, Habs Step Up "D", and All Star Demurrals

It's been a busy afternoon in the NHL. 

Today, Darryl Sutter stepped down from his position as General Manager of the Calgary Flames and former Tampa Bay GM, Jay Feaster, was given the job on an interim basis.  How long before head coach Brent Sutter follows suit?  is this the beginning of the end of the Sutter Dynasty in Calgary?

Those of you who had been hoping that the Canes might beef up their defense at the trade deadline with the acquisition of James Wisniewski from the Islanders will have to switch gears.  The Habs didn't wait around until the early March deadline to make the acquisition as they sent a second rounder as well as a conditional pick back to New York for the solid blueliner.   Of course, the loss of Andrei Markov pushed the Montreal brain trust into making this move sooner rather than later, but this is a savvy proactive move that should pay immediate dividends. 

The NHL recently released the latest returns regarding fan voting for next month's All Star game in Raleigh and there are some mysterious results regarding the Hurricanes so far.   Surprisingly, Chad LaRose (117, 920), has more votes as a write-in, than Eric Staal, (114,254), and Cam Ward, (76,594) do, and they are both on the ballot.

(glove tap to Jussi Juice for mentioning this within the comments of the game preview.)

Adam Gold and Joe Ovies talked about this during their show on 99.9 The Fan this afternoon and the terms "overrated fans" and "idiots" were used when discussing Caniacs.  What do you think?  Is the news that LaRose has more votes a big deal?