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Canes Country Giving Away A New Carolina Hurricanes Designed Flip Camera

New Carolina Hurricanes styled Flip Camera.  Check them out <a href="" target="new">here</a>
New Carolina Hurricanes styled Flip Camera. Check them out here

Flip Video, Cisco Systems, and the NHL have joined forces to bring consumers new team-designed Flip video cameras which just hit the market earlier today.  Hockey fans can go to the Flip online store and select the appropriate design, then choose from various models and configurations.  

The Hurricanes camera page is located at the following link.

Carolina Hurricanes Flip camera site

As part of a promotion on their Facebook page, Flip Video is giving away an NHL version of the camera, two tickets to the NHL All Star Game, and several other prizes.  Caniacs can check that out at this link:

Flip Video Facebook fans  

You can try your luck at that site along with 315,000 other fans, or you can try to win a Hurricanes camera right here at Canes Country. 

Flip Video has graciously donated a camera to our site, (in conjunction with this promotional article), and we are going to give our readers the opportunity to win this brand new camera and have it in time for the holidays.

How can you win? 

Do you have a personalized, Canes or hockey related license plate?  Have you seen a good one that you can share with us?  Do you have an idea for one?  (Entries can be no longer than eight characters, which is the max length of spaces on a license plate.)  It would be best if you could submit a picture, but if not, just type in your entry below.

A week from tonight, (12/14), we will hold a random drawing and will select a winner from the submitted entries within the comments section of this article. Everyone has an equal chance to win. (One chance to win per member)

It's not a requirement, but we also ask that you "like" our Canes Country Facebook Fan Page as we will be doing something similar to this again in the future on that page.

What does your Hurricanes-centric license plate say?  What is the best Canes or hockey related one that you've seen?  Share with us and you could win a new camera!