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Canada Steamrolls Russia and USA Moves On

Just a few brief thoughts about the games yesterday....

I expressed my doubts in the podcast about Evgeni Nabokov being a "big game" goaltender and those doubts were validated last night.  Although, Team Canada jumped on the Russians hard right from the start of the game and the goalie did not have much help. 

The game many were expecting to be the premier matchup of the tournament was really not much of a contest.

It's funny that after a couple of blowouts, everyone north of the border has suddenly forgotten about Canada's loss to the USA and their team is now back to being the overwhelming favorites to win gold.  

But don't be so fast to count out the Americans.

Sure, they had trouble solving Jonas Hiller and the Swiss, but at least they were able to win in regulation.  The Canadians couldn't do that as they needed a shootout to beat that same team. 

And Russia really didn't look that good in this tournament.  The beginning of the end was when they lost to Slovakia,  was it really that surprising they were embarrassed by Team Canada?

The Finland versus USA matchup tomorrow will be another tight contest, but as I also said on the podcast, I look for a USA and Canada bloodbath for the gold medal on Sunday.   Our neighbors to the north should not celebrate just yet because that could be anyone's game.