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New Prospect Oskar Osala Just Wants a Chance

Newly acquired winger Oskar Osala warms up for the Carolina Hurricanes. (photo by LTD)

The Carolina Hurricanes made a number of deals on trade deadline day and acquired several new assets in a short period of time.  The most fruitful trade, at least at this point in time, is the one that sent Joe Corvo to the Washington Capitals in exchange for Brian Pothier, Oskar Osala, and a second round pick in the 2011 draft.

Pothier has been a perfect fit in the room and has contributed immediately.  The Carolina franchise is stockpiling draft picks and the second rounder will certainly come in handy next year. 

But several fans have the most hope for Osala, a young prospect from Finland who has the size, (6' 4), most scouts drool over, and potential upside to be a scorer in the NHL. 

The winger was recently interviewed by a Finnish website and one of our friends from Finland, Markus, was nice enough to bring the article to our attention and translate it.

An interview from YLE, March 9, 2010 (YLE Urheilu / Ilkka Palomäki)

Osala: A good trade for my career.

At some level Osala sensed the possible trade but when the deadline expired, he already had a time to think that the trade wouldn’t happened.

"It was quite an amazing thing, because I haven’t previously been traded. I think that this was a good move for my career. You never know but I believe that chance to play in NHL is better here than it was in Washington," Osala says.

"I knew that some trades will happen. I had heard that some teams had been interested in me, so I was somehow prepared for this. However, it is always a bit surprising. It was also a funny situation when this trade became public after the trade deadline."

Osala played last season two games with the Capitals, but otherwise he has played in Hershey. Osala won the Calder Cup last spring and also this season Hershey is dominating the AHL. However, playing in a successful team has a shadow side - Osala was left a relatively short ice time (responsibility).

"That championship (Calder Cup) will remain in long-lasting memories. It was so incredible and strange because I had never won anything before that. It was a really big thing for me; it leaves the lasting emotional ties to the team," Osala says.

"I haven’t had much responsibility during the last few years - especially in special teams - and it might have even slowed my development. I think that this trade was a very good for my development."

Also in Carolina he was sent to the AHL. Osala have already played two games last week, and his time on ice - also with special teams - immediately took a completely different way. Accustomed to short time of ice, Osala laughed, that there was at first even too much ice time.

"In the first game I was quite tired because I haven’t played so much in two years. I just haven’t enough strength to skate at the end of the game. The second game was better because I wasn’t anymore so nervous. I got a lot of ice time also in that game, especially if you think my skating shape right now", Osala laughed.

"I think they are trying to get a younger team to Carolina. I hope that I will be also in the mix. I just have to show that I’m at least worthy of chance. And I have to play as good as possible to get that shot, either this or next season."

Osala hasn’t any compelling goals for this remaining season. However, after a short thinking, he finds a good goal.

"It would be great to play against Hershey in the playoffs. Currently, it is even likely in the second round. If I could play in a big role and drop them in the playoffs, it would be awesome."

Once again, a huge thank you to Markus for his help.