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Should Ovechkin Be Suspended for Hit on Brian Campbell?

In case you missed yesterday's action on NBC, the Chicago Blackhawks and Washington Capitals mixed it up in what turned out to be a great come from behind victory for the Caps. But instead of Nicklas Backstrom getting all the notoriety for his amazing game winning goal in overtime, people are talking about Alex Ovechkin and his latest transgression.

The super aggressive forward gave Chicago defenseman Brian Campbell a shove from behind and he went hard into the boards. Campbell is out for the rest of the season with a broken rib, collarbone, and a concussion.

Of course the Ovechkin apologists are out in full force. They all seem to know for sure that the Russian did not have any intent to injure, just like he never intended to go knee to knee with Tim Gleason.

Remember when Caps GM George McPhee said that since Gleason was not injured, Ovechkin should not be suspended? Wonder how he feels about this one? I'm sure the same flawed logic does not apply.

And in my mind, when there's no intent to injure, and there is no injury, you can't suspend the guy. And the league's concern is that Ovi's really been physical lately and he's going to hurt someone. I said, 'Well, if he hurts someone, suspend him.' But you can't suspend someone for something that might happen."

Well, he hurt someone this time.

There is good conversation going on about this all over the internet. Mike at From The Rink has a great comparison to another suspendable hit.

What do you think?