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This year's Canes: Looking at some numbers year-to-date (updated for penalty stats)

I think we're all aware that the Hurricanes have had a pretty good year the last few months, though hardly an impressive season. Here's a quick look at the numbers since the calendar turned to 2010. There have been 31 games (nearly half of the 71 the team has played), which is a large enough sample to not to be perceived as a "fluke of scheduling" or unusual tear. This span of games is sufficient to show consistency and effectiveness of the roster, the depth (especially in goal), the system, and the coaching.

Since January 1, 2010 the Hurricanes have posted a record of 20-10-1. In the 6 games that have gone into overtime, the Hurricanes are 5-1, with each of those decided before time ran out (including Jamie McBain's .9 second stunner yesterday vs the Penguins).

Other familiar statistics.

Points Wins Losses OTL Goals For Goals Against PP % PK%
 Actual numbers in 31 games since January 1, 2010  41 20 10 1 98 76 19.5% 85.7%
 How would these look if the Hurricanes had matched these numbers for all 71 games 94 46 23 2 224 174
 Based on 71 games, where would those numbers rank in the Eastern Conference 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 4th 7th 3rd


Last, remember how "old" the team of experienced veterans was when we started this season in October? Then the average age number was figured at 30.24 years of age. In January, that number was down to 28.59. The players we expect to see take the ice today, with Justin Peters in goal, now average 27.88 years of age. 

After the jump, I've updated this post to look at the penalty numbers (both drawn and committed).

I've figured more stats to answer the question from PackPride17 about Penalties Drawn (giving the Hurricanes powerplay opportunities) and Minor Penalties committed, forcing the team to play short-handed on a Penalty Kill.

These tables include yesterday's game vs the Sabres, so there are now 32 games in 2010.

The number of Powerplay Opportunities/game was almost identical from 2009 to 2010, which on the season so far, I was surprised to see, puts the Canes at the top of the League. More importantly, (if you remember these posts in October) the reduction in minor penalties committed was greatly reduced, which may be why the PK% above has improved as well, when there is nearly one less PK/game (4.65/game in 2009 reduced to 3.84/game in 2010). Extrapolating the rate of Penalty Kills in these 32 games to a 72 game total (like I did above) the Hurricanes would improve to 8th in the NHL (not 18th).

 Power Play opportunities (PP Opp)  Games PP Opps PP Opp/game
 Ranked First in League on the season  72 303 4.21
 First 40 games (2009)   40 169 4.23
 Since Jan 1, 2010  32 134 4.19
 Minor Penalties served (->Penalty kills)  Games Minor penalties Minors/game
 Ranked 18th in League on the season  72 309 4.29
 First 40 games (2009)   40 186 4.65
 Since Jan 1, 2010  32 123 3.84