LAST CALL: Canes Country Closes out the Season: April 10th at Backyard Bistro


One of many things we learned this season, we Canes Fans always always support our team.

Alrighty, my fellow Canes Country members and dedicated Hurricanes fans,

After consulting with lcd2you, who posted his idea before I could get this plan up and running, I, hockeymomof2, and my fellow Female Hockey Friends would like to

Invite all of you to join us at the Backyard Bistro on Saturday, April 10th to close out this memorable roller coaster of a hockey season in Carolina.

Gametime is early at 1pm and Backyard Bistro is across Trinity Road and to the south of the RBC Center. The Hurricanes will be playing the Bruins up in Boston. With playoff dreams gone, this will be the Canes' final game before next year's roster (expected to be notably younger, faster, and cheaper than this year's starting line up) takes the ice next October in Helsinki for the much anticipated 2010-11 Season (which it seems we started anticipating in November 2009, right?)

A few incidentals after the jump.

We'll be gathering at the Backyard Bistro, chosen not only

  1. for it's proximity to the Mother Ship, or
  2. because they're setting aside their Hurricanes Room, replete with Hurricanes decor, including a siren which sounds at every Hurricanes goal, but really because
  3. it has provided the backdrop for the 3 Ladies' Night parties this year, where the Hurricanes achieved 3 thrilling wins (including Justin Peters' first game on the Island, and Jamie McBain's first NHL and OT goal in Pittsburgh).


My friends, you just don't mess with that kind of success.

Remember, this is not going to be "just girls" this time, and we expect all who love hockey and the Hurricanes, no matter gender, marital status, or other distinguishing characteristics or means of posting your opinions, to join the fun.

CC Blogmaster Bob Harwood Waeghe has kindly offered to provide some nifty door prizes et al to help me help you remember the event.

Finally, so you may plan your afternoon accordingly, de facto phoblographer and Finn-afficianado LTD, is working out the logistics for fans to head over to RDU following the game, to show our support as the team returns from Boston, and wish them the best for the off-season as we all look forward to a better outcome in April 2011.


So, please let us know whether you plan to attend in the comments below. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you who have made this season bearable (and very fun) as we showed what'all it means to be a Carolina Hurricanes fan.

Let's Go Hurricanes!