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Stephane Yelle and Harrison Reed Sent to Colorado For Cedric LaLonde-McNicoll and Sixth Rounder

The Carolina Hurricanes just traded Stephane Yelle and Harrison Reed to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for Cedric Lalonde-McNicoll and a sixth round draft pick, in what amounts to another salary dump for the club.  Jim Rutherford just confirmed that the team saved over two million in salary for the rest of the season after their deadline moves, but did they help make the team any stronger in the future?

McNicoll started the season in Charlotte and is in Lake Erie right now.  He scored five goals and had eight assists in 45 games while with the AHL club. 

Reed was drafted by the Canes in the third round of the 2006 draft and had minimal production for the River Rats this year.

We will also look at this a bit later after the dust settles.