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Fans Want To Know: Jamie McBain

Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Jamie McBain is off to a fast start in his NHL career. (photo by LTD)

Have you ever wanted to ask a player a question, but never had the chance?  This could be your opportunity. 

We have an open door policy of sorts here at Canes Country and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.  Someone mentioned in one of the recent open game threads that it would be nice if members had the chance to ask players questions. 

After a bit of internal discussion, we decided to give that a try and we started a new feature, "Fans Want To Know". 

This new feature will give Canes Country members the opportunity to ask specific questions of the highlighted player.  Simply leave your question or questions in the comment section below and I will ask the player the selected questions after the next practice or whenever circumstances allow it.  (We reserve the right to limit the number of questions and make the final selections). 

Obviously, time is short now as the players will be unavailable to the media in about a week, but we will give it a try until the end of the season and pick it up again next season if we can.

2009 - Jamie McBain 10 3 4 7 5 0 1 0 1 0 24 12.5


Our first highlighted player is Jamie McBain.  The defenseman is a Minnesota native who played for three years at the University of Wisconsin and is a product the United States Developmental Program.  You can check out the rest of his bio at this link.

Any questions?


If you prefer some questions over others listed below, click on the "actions" button and then the "rec" button to recommend that question.  Those that are recommended the most will have higher preference.